James Kominick

Software Engineer


Highly motivated, proactive, detail-oriented software engineer with a background in mechanical engineering. Dedicated to furthering knowledge, improving skills, and exploring new technologies.





Lead Software Engineer
Capital One | 2021 to Present
Staff Software Engineer | 2021
Senior Software Engineer | 2019 to 2021
Software Engineer | 2018 to 2019
Application Programmer Analyst
Communally | 2016 to 2018

Lead development of a responsive budgeting tool webapp (JavaScript/React)
Participate in research and development of required features and overall UI design
Design and build a new REST api, integrating with the existing backend system
Architect new database schema and handle transformation and migration of legacy data
Accommodate a myriad of unplanned feature requests
Lead migration of backend services to Python3 and upgrades of production systems (systemd, gunicorn)
Maintain and update a comprehensive Django application (Python)
Re-architect core database (PostgreSQL) schemas to improve query performance and programming ergonomics
Develop a report generation framework to allow quickly defining complex reports as Python data structures, enabling faster development and consistent, maintainable code
Collaborate with User Experience and Business Analysts in developing well-defined project specifications
Automate build/compilation and deployments of various production, training, and demo sites
Hull Designer
Philly Shipyard | 2015 to 2016

Developed and maintained purpose built Python modules utilized by designers across multiple companies
Automated bill of materials reporting, eliminating physical archives and error-prone procedures
Designed applications to automate raw material calculations, enabling crucial requisition timelines
Developed TribonM3 (ship modeling software) Python plugins to help automate design processes
Implemented centralized code repository to ensure seamless distribution to users
Consolidated disparate MS Access databases into a unified SQLite database using pyodbc and SQLAlchemy
Provided user interface to query the aggregated info on ship-wide raw materials usage
Implemented ship-wide weight analysis to track unreported changes in ongoing container vessel design
Moment Arm Propulsion System for Cube Satellites
Capstone / Senior Design | 2014 to 2015

Designed and constructed attitude control system capable of momentum wheel recharge via deployed arm mounted thrusters
Developed real-time wireless communcation system using on-board Raspberry Pi for remote control and data acquisition
Tested/integrated critical sensors and communication protocols into microprocessor control system
Characterized, tested, and modified off-the-shelf RC motor for integration in flywheel assembly
Hull Design Engineering Intern
Philly Shipyard | 2013 to 2015

Developed automated report genration system (Python), reducing preparation time from hours to minutes
Designed and analyzed hull support structures required for assembly and transportation of various hull sections using AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and Nastran
Created detailed frame fabrication drawings and itemized assembly and material reports using AutoCAD
Produced scaffolding plans and bill of materials for future ship construction using AutoCAD and Excel
Engineering Intern
Philadelphia Department of Commerce, Division of Aviation | 2012 to 2013

Oversaw and documented work completed for mechanical and electrical contracts to ensure adherence to contract documents and plans
Produced daily construction reports detailing work completed and issues encountered
Created and interpreted detailed construction drawings for construction conflicts and necessary redesigns
Product Development Co-op Engineer
SFS intec | 2011 to 2012

Designed and conducted product performance tests for new and existing products
Quantified and delivered laboratory test results for product documentation and customer requests
Created, revised, and maintenanced 2-D and 3-D drawings using AutoCAD, Catia V5, and SAP PLM software
Assisted in and contributed to the design of new and innovative products


Drexel University -- Philadelphia, PA
Mechincal Engineering (BSME): Magna Cum Laude, GPA: 3.7/4.0 -- June 2015

Teaching Assistant / Grader, Mechanics of Materials II